Journal of Folklore and Education

The Journal of Folklore and Education is a peer-reviewed, multimedia, open-access journal that publishes work representing ethnographic approaches that tap the knowledge and life experience of students, their families, community members, and educators in K-16, higher education, museum, and community education. We intend our audience to be educators and students at all levels and in all settings, folk culture specialists, and those working in community-based organizations. As a digital publication, JFE provides a forum for interdisciplinary, multimedia approaches to community-based teaching, learning, and cultural stewardship.

2017 Journal of Folklore and Education available now. Read “Newcomers and Belonging” here.


2018 Journal of Folklore and Education special issue, “Common Ground: People and Our Places” will be published in September, 2018. Working at the confluence of culture, environment, and education, this special issue of JFE will create an important space for folklore to engage critically with emerging and established partnerships between the humanities and science. From Indigenous ways of knowing to cultural stewardship, urban gardening to mitigating environmental impacts in watersheds, this issue will illuminate the power of local knowledge in influencing our special places. Contact the editors for more information.

Journal of Folklore and Education Reviews

The JFE review section features interdisciplinary resources of interest. Thomas Grant Richardson is JFE Review Editor. To submit publications, media products, and web-based materials for possible review, contact him at

2017 Journal of Folklore and Education Publications Committee

  • Thomas Grant Richardson, Reviews Editor
  • Juan Díes
  • Norma Cantú
  • Lisa Falk
  • Robert Forloney
  • Nic Hartmann
  • Sarah M. Hatcher
  • Rosemary Hathaway
  • Sandy LaBry
  • Jackie McGrath

The Journal of Folklore and Education (ISSN 2573-2072) is published by Local Learning: The National Network for Folk Arts in Education.

Local Learning is committed to fair use and open access of educational materials. We as Publisher also look to protect the work that we publish from unauthorized, commercial use. JFE is freely available to individuals and institutions and is housed on the Local Learning website Authors grant to the Journal of Folklore and Education the right to license all work with the exception of only alternatively copyrighted photos under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit  This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work noncommercially, as long as they credit you the Author and us the Publisher, and license their new creations under the identical terms.

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