About Local learning

Local Learning began as the National Task Force for Folk Arts in Education during a 1993 national roundtable at the National Endowment for the Arts. Today, we are a loose network of hundreds of people interested in engaging young people with their own traditional culture and with the local culture and folklore of their families, regions, and the larger world. We are folklorists, folk artists, and educators of many stripes. We work in public agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, universities, museums, community centers, libraries, and out-of-school education settings.

Contact Us
With offices in NYC, Chicago, and Alexandria, Virginia, Local Learning works nationally to provide technical assistance and promote folk arts in education.
Local Learning
c/o City Lore
56 East First Street
New York, NY 10003

To reach Local Learning Executive Director Lisa Rathje, email her at lisa@locallearninnetwork.org.

To reach Local Learning Founding Director Paddy Bowman, email her at pbowman@locallearningnetwork.org.

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