Great Interview Guides

Our colleagues at City Lore share their very useful Interviewing Guide in a five-page PDF that can be easily printed.

The web sites below provide high-quality guides to support interview and documentation projects. In addition, find more links, articles, and support in Local Learning Regional Resources. You can also always contact Local Learning staff with your questions and ideas.

American Folklife Center offers English and Spanish versions of Folklife and Fieldwork, which is better suited for secondary students.

Iowa Arts Council Folklife Program has produced two award-winning guides.

  • Iowa Folklife: Our People, Communities, and Traditions
  • Iowa Folklife Vol. II

Louisiana Voices is an extensive guide in public domain very useful for students and teachers and studying all types of folk arts. Unit II on Fieldwork provides detailed instructions for planning and carrying out documentation projects. There are many student worksheets and rubrics for many topics.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage provides online lesson plans, curriculum guides, and online exhibits as well as two interviewing guides.

Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture online resources include guides that are super easy to use for any grade level, especially elementary.